The Product

“Our extensive experience in the bakery business, means we understood what it takes to be the best in the bakery market, by listening to our customers, & consistently producing a quality product that made a lasting imprint to our customer”


Frozen Dough

Frozen dough products of pastry- cakes bread and foods with shelf life of 9 month



All products such as Toast bread-sweet bun with shelf life of 4 days



Frozen ready to eat snacks  & foods

Snippets of Our Product

[expand title=”Healthy Bakery”] Healthy-Bakery

Whole-wheat, Hi calcium, Omega 3, Hi fiber, Low carb,Low GI, Whole meal bread and other bun.

[/expand] [expand title=”High Quality Bakery”] high-quality-bakery

Toast bread variants & Sweet Buns

[expand title=”Frozen Pastry, & cakes”] frozen_pastry_cakes

Pastry, Bread, Puff, Cakes & Cookies

[/expand] [expand title=”Industrial Foods”] sandwich, snacks, noodles, etc

Ready to eat  snacks & Foods